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I don't know if it's just me or not, but some time yesterday afternoon while browsing dA, most every Featured image on anyone's pages, both of my accounts included, suddenly got all pixelated. Before long I realized that what was actually happening, was that the deviation is loading itself at full view size, but is being forcibly resized to fit that small space. Even so, I have a friend so was browsing my other page yesterday and saw that one of my Featured pieces was even displayed at the full view size, resulting in a very awkward page layout. I wonder if it's a Firefox thing, or if dA's just being kooky. Is anyone else having similar problems?

Also holy moses 2009's almost halfway gone.
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Use the first thing that comes up that makes sense.

Q: Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search:
A: Zach Needs A Shower (Well, I wouldn't mind one.)

Q: Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search:
A: Zach looks like a Gay Pirate (Son of a BITCH D:< )

Q: Type in "[your name] says" in Google search:
A: Zach says if he had to pick acting or directing, he’d pick directing.

Q: Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search:
A: Zach wants attention (It even comes with a video!)

Q: Type in "[your name] does" in Google search:
A: Zach Does the Most Boring Thing He Could Do (What a coinkydink!)

Q: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:
A: Zach Hates Everything About Taylor (Die in a fire, Taylor.)

Q: Type in "[your name] asks" in Google search:
A: Zach asks what she’s talking about? Those days are behind them.

Q: Type in "[your name] goes" in Google search:
A: Zach goes off in a strop and tells Gabrielle that when she's middle aged and alone, the only person she can blame is herself for her loneliness.

Q: Type in "[your name] likes " in Google search:
A: zach likes apples (GREEN APPLES, FUCK YAH!)

Q: Type in "[your name] eats " in Google search:
A: zach eats air plane (Wow, I'd pay to see that.)

Q: Type in "[your name] wears " in Google search:
A: Zach wears Ladies SpeedStick.

Q: Type in "[your name] was arrested for" in Google Search:
A: Zack was arrested for illegal game fighting in 2001 and released on an nude autograph photo of himself. (I've read this sentence six times and still can't make sense of it.)

I know exactly who to tag.



Oh, and I'll tag one other lady.


Figured you might need somethin' to do, too =P
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:iconpinknikki:'s awesome.

pinknikki happens to be in the charm-making biz as of late, and is taking commissions. Admittedly, I wasn't immediately enthralled. But when I saw that she was also making small character busts, I was quite charmed intrigued. Sooo sure enough I ended up commissioning her myself. I paid the low low price of $7.50, I believe. And look what she made for meee~

Front view
3/4 view
Wurrin' it :B

It's hangin' around my neck as I type this. And I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it for some time to come :nod: The little bastard has just enough charm personality about him to become a part of my image. In fact, I gotta go get my license tomorrow. I'll be wearing him when I get the photo taken, as well :XD: Hahah, hope he doesn't get cut out.

If you want to commission pinknikki yourself, visit her page, Cute -N- Sweet Cafe</b>, and place an order! You can see that my necklace here is quite different from what she typically sells. So, of course, the possibilities are endless :3

And if you for some reason don't recognize the character, you are uninformed D: Second account GO.


By the way, I missed out on that whole Mudkip thing. Goddammit. But what I find really hilarious is the people getting so angry about it. Get the dick out of your asses and laugh for once.

And no that wasn't another Mudkip joke.

Though it might as well be now.

My second dA account

Mon Dec 17, 2007, 10:18 PM
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My thanks go out to bmmb00sh00t for the subscription~♥


The lot of you simply refer to me as Zach, as that is my real name and that's all you've had to call me by. But another part of dA knows me by another name, and that name is Chaz. Not the most clever anagram, I know, but regardless, it became my alias back in June of 2006.

I've mentioned in earlier journals that I had a second deviantART account, but wanted to wait until the time was right before I divulged anything about it. Now, officially, the account has more pageviews than this one, and that's not surprising to me at all, considering said account is fetish-based. Yes, I've taken advantage of my art skills and used them for my foot fetish. While one section of dA knows me as chaosstriker89, the other section knows me purely as a foot/tickle artist by the name of ChaztheWeasel, a name I took on as a means of relieving myself of these ideas without pushing away people who could care less, and replacing them with another crowd entirely. Instead, I decided it best to make two separate accounts.

I like to think of Chaz and myself as two separate entities. And as long as I should consider us as such, both accounts shall remain active. I just felt it was high time I stop keeping secrets from everybody. If anyone is even remotely interested, don't be afraid to visit, unless for some odd reason you're offended by images of pretty girls getting tickled. Can't imagine why anyone would find that offensive, though :O_o:


ALSO: If anyone was expecting a Christmas pic from me, I won't be posting one here. That will be on the Chaz account if you want to see it. I'd post it on both accounts, but I don't think dA would appreciate me doing that too much. I am working on a "wintry" pic for this account, though, so look forward to that.

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Sorry for not updating yesterday for the people who are actually curious. My first day of work was... was.....


I'm a part-timer, and yesterday I had to work a grand total of nine hours and fifteen minutes. Picking up and opening boxes, then rotating items so the oldest ones face out (because, of course, the people have to buy the older ones before they can buy newer ones), walking back and forth between isles, and packing crates onto carts... My feet were in so much pain when I got home. I had to run back to the store after work to pick up some new shoes, with gel in the heels. Today, my feet didn't hurt as bad, but they still hurt.

Work today wasn't so bad. I was hired, first of all, by my mom's brother-in-law, Eugene. He makes all the orders, so I don't have to worry about that. Working under him is the full-time backstocker, Rita, who's been training me and showing me around. Rita drove me down to the Wal-Mart in Central City today (which really isn't that hard to get to), and we worked there for about four hours. Hard work there. But then we went to a Kroger in Powderly, and got a lot done in about three hours, and I was a lot more productive down there, probably because most of my items were on the floor, and I was able to sit down most of the time.  Rita said I did a good job cleaning the floor with my ass. :XD:

Anyway, tomorrow, Rita has the day off, but unfortunately, I do not. I'll be working by myself, hitting both Owensboro Wal-Marts. I'm a little worried about my capabilities, but, Eugene told me I shouldn't take but three hours, so if I come in at 8AM like I usually do, I should be done by lunch. So, Sara, Kristin, I should be able to make it to Art Club. I hope both of you can, too. Wish me luck, everybody.
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Tomorrow I start my first job.

I'm working for Kraft, stocking Nabisco products at various store locations in and around town. I've got a little driving experience under my belt, but I still gotta learn how to get to a few more places. Luckily my trainer is my mom's brother-in-law, he's the one who recommended me for this job. He'll show me the ropes :3

I'll letcha know how it all goes when I get the hang of it.

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I took the driver's test yesterday.

I totally passed it :D

Thank you all for your encouragement.  There were a couple areas I was iffy on, but my instructor didn't feel endangered and was very pleasant.  I know you aren't supposed to make conversation with them during the test, but we did anyway.  And I completely faked that driver's log, too. hee.

Thing is, because I got my permit after October 2006, I've been granted an intermediate license.  For the next 180 days I will need to hold onto this, and I can receive my full license in March.  Luckily, that driver's test was the last I'd ever have to take.  All I have to do is go to the Circuit Clerk's office, get my picture taken, and pay the fee to get the full license.  Best part is, my mother celebrated her birthday yesterday, and since her husband bought her a new Mountaineer for her birthday, she gave me the old Corolla.  We had it signed over to my name earlier today, so it's all mine now.

I also ran over to target to get a present for my mom's husband's little nephew, who just turned ten.  I was going to buy him some Legos for ten bucks, and since I had at least sixty on my person, I figured it'd be no trouble.


I totally caved.  I bought the game and I'm loving it.  It is so adorable.  How often can you befriend a ghost, dig up videogames, build stuff out of FRUIT and obtain Happiness from people by tickling them?  Oh God it's too much fun.  Wii owners, I recommend it.  It takes a short while to get used to the controls for building stuff, depending on your remote's sensitivity and your position.  But all in all, very addictive and quite fun.  If you like Animal Crossing, you'll love MySims.

Oh, and about the present I was gonna buy?  Don't worry, I still bought it.  Lucky for me, the game came with a free $10 Target card, so I used every bit of that to pay for his Legos.  He'll have a happy birthday after all :3
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No, no, I didn't fail my driver's test.

I didn't take my driver's test.

I couldn't take my driver's test.

I tried, I really did.  I was ready to take that thing and pass it.  The instructor walked up, asked for my permit, my mother's license, and my proof of insurance, everything that I was told to bring on the sheet of paper they gave me when I received my permit.  Then she asks, "Do you have your driver's log?"

What the hell is a driver's log.

Apparently, as of October 2006, there's a rule that states that anyone who receives their permit after that date must present a log that shows they have driven at least fifty hours in the day, and ten hours at night.  Unless you have this log with these hours on it, you cannot take the test.  I received my permit January of 2007.  My driver's manual says nothing about a driver's log because it was given to me in 2005, when I turned sixteen.  True, I should have gotten my license then.  Even so, the sheet of paper they gave me when I finally did receive my permit should have stated that I needed this log.  I don't even recall my Driver's Ed. teacher saying a word about it.  Regardless, I have to schedule another appointment, and this time, I need to have this damned log.

Also, college-wise, my dad's loan request was denied, so there's a big chance that I won't be taking these online courses for the University of Phoenix after all.  I'm actually a bit relieved... I think I'd rather just stick to my original plan of community college for two years, then transferring somewhere else.  In any case, we won't know until November.  We'll see how this all plays out.
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someone set up me the LIFE.

So, I turned eighteen this past Sunday.  My birthday was so-so.  I didn't get any presents, but I pulled in about $95.  Eventually I'm gonna go out and buy me a delicious game or three; I know I want The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations when they're released next month, and another game just came out about three days ago that looks interesting, called Drawn to Life, all three of which are DS titles.


Why?  Well, I'm eighteen now.  I'm an adult.  Know what that means?  I have to get a job.  But, I can't do that yet, because I don't have my license.  So I'm taking my driver's test tomorrow.


I have to do my best to pass this test.  I've been offered a job on a silver platter by my mother's brother-in-law.  I'll be stocking Nabisco products at various store locations in and around town.  But they wouldn't take me until I turned eighteen, and now I need my license so I can get from A to B.  If I don't get it soon enough, I won't get the job.  But I neeeed that job.  I mean, Jesus, people, it's nine dollars an hour.

Also, my dad came over today for practically no reason at all.  He offered, at first, just to take me out to lunch and spend a little time with me.  After he came in, he started asking me what I was doing about school.  My original plan was to attend community college for two years to get my basics and raise some money, then transfer to someplace better-suited to my major (Art, of course).  As soon as I said this, he takes out his cell phone, and starts signing me up for online courses for the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

I start on the 24th.


Wish me luck, guys.
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Showin' the love!  Artists you gaiz oughta check out.  After all, it IS Deviant Appreciation Day, and I appreciate YOU!

Artistic Friends

:iconbmmb00sh00t: - Sara Sara Sara.  Best friend ever.  Terrific girl with a very interesting style about her.  Been with her since freshman year, and now we've got a bond that can't be broken.  Be sure to check Sara's ink drawings on her page, and give her the respect she deserves! :D

:icondoomonyourdoomedhead: - Kristin's a pretty crazy little girl.  Neither I nor Sara can figure out where her logic comes from.  Either way, though, we love her all the same.  Her art covers multiple mediums and has a nice mix of realistic accuracy with whimsy that you're sure to enjoy!

:iconchitose-himura: - Very witty young lady who isn't afraid to deliver a swift kick in the balls if rubbed the wrong way.  And yet she still manages to keep friends.  That alone is skill, if you ask me.  No seriously, Morgan's got some great ideas and really nice art, she deserves the love C:

:iconvioletchiko: - Pri is the most adorable thing you could ever hope to see.  What she lacks in common sense she makes up for with overwhelming kindness and lovely art.  I've watched her talents increase over the years and I know she hasn't hit her best yet.  I'm stickin' around until long after she has, and I hope you can, too :3

:iconstarshock12: - I've known Starry since I was but a dA n00b, and I've watched her art change through the years, as though the gods seemingly blessed her with the worldly knowledge to create the next great masterpieces.  A wonderful girl and a great friend to the end, don't let this one slip by, folks.

:iconmrshyuga: - Stephy I only met recently, late last year, but I've come to appreciate her work as both a fellow artist and a friend.  Perhaps I like that she can satisfy the man in me... with her art.  But no, she's got some really pretty stuff if you ask me, so don't ignore her, guys :>

:iconnara-chan: - Ohhh Nara, how long has it been since we've known one another?  Quite a while.  Been through a lot over the years.  The poor girl isn't very confident in her skills... People gotta talk to this girl and let her know her work isn't all in vain!  She's got some lovely art in that gallery of hers.  I demand respect for her!! >:[

Great Artists

:icontherealsuperhappy: - I've been a supporter of Josh's work for more years than I can count.  He delivers some wonderful comics to the world, including his currently ongoing project, girly.  Let the guy know that the world loves him.

:iconcopyrezo: - Ryan's work is something I'm always sure to check up on.  Art has a deeper meaning behind it than to be merely looked at, and his work shows it.  Be sure to check out his website, Kiwis by Beat!, to see the comics he's made, including minus., Socks, and much more.

:iconlazymuffin: - When Yotam updates, I am always happy.  No other man has succeeded in making me laugh at such subjects as aborted fetuses, child abuse, and the 9/11 tragedy.  Does that make me a horrible person?  You tell me.  But maybe you'll understand when you see his amazingly hilarious cartoons and comics.

:iconqueenofdorks: - Are you one of those people who can find happiness in something sickeningly cute every once in awhile?  Queenie's work is adorable and compact, so it's a perfect serving of cute every time you see it.  Occasionally she'll post something different once in a blue moon, and those surprises are quite lovely.  Give her plenty of love :D

:iconnyu: - Clever Nyu and her clever comics.  Nyu's art is both witty and amusing, and has several times made me say, "I've never thought of it that way before." Most of her work is done in OC, a program I'm still experimenting with, so seeing her art inspires me to keep going with it :D

I've been writing this journal for almost two hours, I think I'm done for now :ohnoes: Should I realize I've forgotten anyone, I'll update :3 Be sure to check all these lovely people out!
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I've been meaning to make this journal since this Sunday.  My mother gave me my graduation present early.  Yes, we somehow managed to get our hands on a Wii.  And I'mma SO HAPPY.  I haven't bought any games for it yet, save for the two games I downloaded on the Virtual Console (Kirby's Adventure: NOSTALGIA; and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: just plain awesome), but I'm still quite happy with it.  Having fun with Wii Sports, the Mii Channel, and the new channel I downloaded, the Everybody Votes Channel.

ANYHOO, the reason I'm making this journal is because I'd like to add some Wii friends to my address book!  So far I've got zenywolf and PotatoPie14, and darkmetallikarol's promised to share hers with me later.  Those of you with a Wii to call your own, please share your friend codes with me, as well as a name I can address to you.  Here's my code:

0659 2244 7749 1052

And of course, just call me Zach. :D
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Well.  Today was my last day of school.


It's quite deep when you think about it, really.  Today was the last time I'd ever do some of the things I had always been accustomed to.  The last day I'd come to the commons area in the morning to sit with all of my best friends.  The last time I'd say the pledge of allegiance after the announcements.  The last time I'd eat the school lunch (which was actually delicious carry-out from our city's world famous barbecue restaurant).  The last time I'd be a student aid to my favorite art teacher.  The last time I'd be a student at Apollo High School.

No longer am I officially a part of the Daviess County Public Schools system.  I am now on my own and expected to face the world.  I don't quite think I'm ready.  This is a fearful time for many kids my age now, who are preparing for a summer job to help pay for college in the fall.  It's going to be interesting from here on out.  I don't know if I'll be able to take OH MY GOD THERE ARE BUGLES IN THE KITCHEN.


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Dear Diary,

Today I told the girl

I love more than anything

that I'm done.

I think I made the right decision.

- Zach
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Today was the first official #punchingglove fieldtrip!

#punchingglove is a deviantART chatroom created by Sara (bmmb00sh00t), and is also our own little clique at school, comprised of herself, Kristin (DoomonyourDoomedhead), and me.  Kristin was talking to Sara about how much she'd like to see the new CG-animated Disney film, Meet the Robinsons.  It was from there that Sara suggested the three of us go see it together, as one big #punchingglove.  The trip was planned about two weeks in advance, so we had plenty of time to figure out what we were to do.  Today was the fateful day.  Operation: #punchingglove Extravaganza.  Mission status:


Meet the Robinsons was a great movie.  Several parts made our whole group laugh out loud (Tom Selleck.  Just go see it, you'll understand.), and we each noted certain plot points and various aspects of the film; Sara discovered Adam West voicing one of the characters; Kristin realized who the villain was before he revealed himself; and I quickly noticed who Louis' foster parents really were.  Ohhh it was so much fun.  I really recommend that anyone reading this journal go to see it.  It takes awhile for the film to pick up, but when it does... Ohhh, it does. :D Expect some possible Meet the Robinsons fanart soon.

After the movie, we walked over to T.G.I. Friday's and enjoyed a nice meal.  I ended up spending $21.17 on myself, plus a $2 tip to our waitress (THANKS LAUREN).  Sara's dad then picked us up from there and took us all to her house, where we dealt with a particularly fearful and defensive, but later curious and loving little dog, played several videogames, and drew together on a big piece of paper.  Sara and her pretty little crab-armed girl.  I'd hit it.

When I got home, I was in trouble. D: Everyone thought I'd be home earlier.  Sara, this is why Mom and Brian's car was in our driveway; they were waiting for me to get home because they thought something had happened.  I told my granddad that it wouldn't be until after 7 when I returned home, but he denied hearing that I ever said such a thing, later deciding that I "might have said 7-ish". :c Gah.

Well, even after everyone yelled at me, I kept my cool.  It would be hard not to; I had too much fun today.  Best weekend I've had in a very long time.  Sara, Kristin... thanks for being such awesome friends.  Love you guys. ♥

How's everybody else doing?  You seen any good movies lately? :>
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Well now.  It would seem a local classifieds publication entitled The Thrifty Nickel held a Design an Ad competition recently.  For our school, it was just something that you were free to participate in, although I didn't care to; most of the companies were auto-related and I know nothing about cars.  However, in the end, almost all of these auto companies remained untouched, and someone had to draw something for them.  My old art teacher managed to catch up with me and coerced me into making something for one of these companies.  He told me that I didn't have to actually draw a car, because he knew I'd never drawn one before.  In the end, I did just that.  The company I chose was called Deals on Wheels.  I merely drew a small 1920's rubberhose-esque boy walking on a large car wheel, with the words, "It's easier than you think!  Buy Here, Pay Here" displayed around him.  It was done entirely in ink with no presketch and completed in under 90 minutes, delivered practically seconds before the deadline.  I somehow managed to take 3rd place. D: WHUT.  I don't know if I'm supposed to receive anything for placing or not.  I think I am, but what, I've no idea.

Remember my Ladybug Boy!! comic?  Yeah.  Is it finished? No.  Was it due two weeks ago?  Yeah.  Will it ever be finished?  God I hope so.

And now, the REAL reason for this journal, lawl.

Any three questions.  You ask, you do the same in your journal, too.

That'll be all.  Good luck, Agents.

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My subscription ran out last night :< But that's okay.  I'm more than accustomed to working with dA as a regular member as it is.  I just wanted to update this journal to get rid of my other one, which flaunted my once-subscribed features a liiittle too much.

I'm also working on two art-related things at the moment.  At home, I'm currently putting the color on a digital piece that I started late last month and left alone for awhile.  I like how it's coming out, though, so I'll try to have it up soon :3 Also, bigger news: in my Two-Dimensional Art class, we have to do what our teacher calls an Animation Project.  So I'm making a Ladybug Boy!! comic book that I am hard at work on :D I'll be certain to share it with you all once I finish it up, so look for it! bmmb00sh00t is doing the same project and is making something absolutely abhorrable adorable :> Do go take a look when you can; she's already posted the cover.

Weeell I must be getting back to "work" now, so take care, all!

What DON'T you know about me?

Wed Feb 28, 2007, 7:31 PM
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Anyway, :iconauthor-chan: was a bit evil and tagged anyone who read her journal today, so now I feel compelled to follow through with it.  Fine then.  I'm a tad bored anyway.  Here we go.  Six weird/random things about myself!

1. I feel the need to chase whatever I eat down with a bottle of water.  Sometimes two.  I drink a lot of water.

2. While it may not seem like it, my drive to get things done is quite strong.  Problem is, most of what I do remains in the developmental stage for quite some time, hence why I've got over 260 Scraps and not even 50 Deviations currently.

3. Another reason for this may be that I lack confidence in my work.  I know art is all about what I want, and I tell people this all the time, but I always feel better about my stuff whenever I have someone there to support me.  So if you reeeally want me to be more productive, you gotta let me know!  I'll listen!

4. Surely everyone here has a mirror in their bathroom.  It's instinctual, for me at least, to always look into this mirror and make obscene sounds and faces at myself before I go to the bathroom.  I've done everything from hissing like Species to watching my uvula wiggle whenever I exhale.  It's actually quite relieving after a long day.

5. I love closely examining how funny something can be before it just gets lame.  By that point, I just hate it.  So to all the underclassmen reading this journal entry, muffins aren't random anymore.  Look the word up in the dictionary.  Just name something that makes no sense out of the blue.  No pie.  No sporks.  Just say the first thing that pops into your head.  You might find enlightenment.

6. Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis and tell me of their problems are already well aware of this trait: whenever someone tells me what's going wrong in their lives, I have an opinion about it that needs to be voiced.  I've found this angers people sometimes.  Just remember: if you're going to give me your opinion, I have every right to deliver my own.  It's not necessarily advice unless I actually say, "Here's what you should do." I try not to give advice unless asked.  But if you're going to complain, I will have something to say about it.

And that's about it. ... What?  Surprised I didn't say anything about the fact that I like feet?  Guess what: it ain't that weird.

Christ, people.  This is the most narrowminded twat I've ever seen.  Don't be him, okay?  Please.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding another body part beautiful.  It has its advantages.

I changed my "Listening to:" three times already.  Sheesh.

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In light of this Boston scare, I would like everyone to know that these guys are my heroes. :D

Please, people.  Anyone making a big deal out of this, you're only making yourselves look as stupid as the Boston police did when they saw these lightboards featuring well-known cartoon characters and assumed they were bombs.  Don't give me this "They don't watch the show, they couldn't possibly have known" crap.  Sure they couldn't have.  But for God's sake, that's like saying people who do graffiti sneak anthrax into their aerosol cans and make pretty pictures on walls to infect the masses.

This coming from a guy who doesn't even like Aqua Teens that much.

You do the math. :3


Props to stormthefox for sharing this lovely little gem.  As he said, "YTMND just LOVES it when things like this happen." Well, Storm, I love it when things like YOU happen! :D

Also adding these before I forget:
Paranoid Boston (I love this one)
Terrorist Mooninites